Energy Communities are groups of individuals or entities that consciously share the use of the same renewable energy source among themselves.

Neighborhood associations, businesses, and individual families that choose the path of solar and sustainable energy production, sharing it within the same territory.

They therefore represent a virtuous model of energy supply for the community and promote values such as sustainability, inclusivity, and equality.

They generate tangible economic and environmental benefits: indeed, the exclusive use of renewable sources allows for the reduction of environmental pollution and social costs for the community.


Energy Communities generate electricity through the use of photovoltaic or wind power systems, which can be shared (as in the case of a community-owned power plant) or individual (such as a rooftop photovoltaic system installed on a house, business, public administration building, or condominium).

In this way, ordinary consumers become consumer-producers, as a portion of the unused energy is shared with other participating entities.


Entities that join an Energy Community benefit from discounts on bills.
The larger the community, the greater the positive impact on participants.


Energy Communities foster cohesion among local communities and promote social inclusion, increasing citizens' awareness on topics such as energy sustainability.


Energy Communities, based on the rejection of the use of fossil energy sources, are the answer to the question of how to reconcile human development and environmental protection.



Geothermal energy is the energy generated through geological sources of heat present in the earth and is considered a form of alternative and renewable energy. The term “low enthalpy geothermal” or low-temperature geothermal identifies systems for heating and cooling environments that utilize the earth’s heat.

Low enthalpy geothermal can support the energy needs of buildings of all kinds. From private residences to large complexes of civil construction, from public entities to industrial facilities. Ideal for both small-scale applications (apartments) and medium to large structures (condominiums, offices, businesses).

A low enthalpy geothermal system harnesses the constant temperature of the ground. This allows extracting heat from the ground in winter and using it as a cool source in summer to air-condition spaces in a simple, clean, and efficient manner: there is no combustion, only heat exchange.


Energy-efficient systems - Eco-sustainability and innovation.


A form of sustainable, alternative, and renewable energy that helps reduce harmful CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption, and consequently reduce costs.

An energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

They adapt to all buildings, both public and private, to new homes and constructions, to renovations, for residential use as well as large industrial complexes.

They allow you to save up to 70% on bills and to upgrade your property, and are eligible for tax benefits with a 65% deduction of the incurred expenses.

They do not emit CO2 and ensure independence from depletable resources and fossil fuels, with a very low environmental impact and no visual impact.


Contracting Company

We offer specific and personalized consultations for each individual client, analyzing their needs and studying the feasibility of the project.


We design and implement construction sites for individuals and businesses, dealing with renovations and upgrades, photovoltaic, and renewable technologies.

Eco-sustainable Solutions

We are leaders in the field of project management for the energy redevelopment of buildings and for the management of tax incentives.


Requalification with photovoltaics and renewable technologies - construction for residential and business buildings.

Active Construction Sites
Requalifications Completed
Satisfied Customers
Bonus e incentivi
Make your home GREEN at ZERO COST!

Thanks to the incentives of the relaunch decree, you can get a discount on the invoice for the costs incurred for the refurbishment of your home. We take care of everything, from administrative procedures to installation, nationwide!

Thanks to state incentives, you pay 50% less for the photovoltaic system. With the system we propose, you can eliminate your electricity bill and generate your own energy. Pay for your system, not your bill!

We will have an initial phone conversation to understand if there are the prerequisites for the direct invoice discount. Afterward, we will schedule an appointment with a local consultant at no cost.

The consultant will closely assess feasibility and work with you to create a plan to obtain the bonus.

Once the bonus is obtained, we will move on to the construction phase, and everything necessary will be installed!



Through the use of advanced Augmented Reality technology, we show you right away what the final result will be, ensuring a construction site that always meets your expectations, from the design phase to delivery.


Thanks to augmented reality, you can have a hyper-realistic idea of the final result of the renovation of your home or property right from the start!


Technology is constantly evolving and can come to our aid even in the renovation of the house, allowing us to travel directly into the future.


By wearing augmented reality headsets, you will find yourselves immersed right away in a completely new world, where your project has already taken shape, transforming into reality!

Do you want to renovate your property?

Decide how to renovate, put on the headset, and you’re ready to enjoy the show! Thanks to virtual reality, you’ll find yourself transported and immersed in the spaces of your property, where you can touch and see every detail of the project up close!

Tech Renovation
See your HOME in the FUTURE!

Before starting a renovation project, it’s good to have a clear idea of what the final result will be. This allows us to be satisfied with the intervention, knowing every aspect before the work even begins. Thanks to Augmented Reality, it is now possible to design a renovation or a new construction project using a prospect incredibly faithful to reality!

Augmented Reality allows for the creation of a highly detailed render of the construction project, highly faithful to reality, which helps understand the characteristics of the space where the work will take place: surfaces, furnishings, and overall design details.

Thanks to augmented reality, we can show you what the structure will look like when the work is completed. This allows us to propose a project that remarkably meets the client’s expectations.

Thanks to Virtual Reality headsets, our clients can fully immerse themselves in the project, visualizing the virtual environment and moving within it, evaluating every detail and the effect it will have at the end of the renovation.


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