ItaliaEco Real Estate specializes in the purchase of properties, including those burdened with mortgages and debt situations (NPL). Our team of legal, tax, and real estate experts provides free consultation to debtors, purchasing their homes in accordance with the group’s ethical principles: by dealing with creditors, as provided by Italian laws, it aims to block auctions and zero out the debt.

ItaliaEco Real Estate is a real estate company that, in an ethical and innovative way, acts as a bridge between debtors and creditors.

ItaliaEco Real Estate is the company that addresses the issue of debt in our country. We help Italian families avoid the auction of their homes and eliminate all their debts by obtaining a waiver of actions.

Judicial auctions, real estate auctions.

“Get out of the debt problem without risking to lose more time and money!


ItaliaEco Real Estate operates, in compliance with legality, to transform your debt into value by negotiating with creditors to obtain the maximum advantage possible and resolve the problem once and for all. Characterized by a team of professional consultants who will meet you in person and thoroughly and FREE OF CHARGE analyze your debt and real estate situation, utilizing some of the best legal offices in Italy specialized in distressed bank credits, ItaliaEco Real Estate will quickly and completely free of charge eliminate your debt, permanently cancel the property foreclosure, eliminate any future claims from creditors, and, where possible, provide you with an excess economic settlement.

ItaliaEco Real Estate is NOT a bank and collaborates with various real estate companies with the aim of acquiring properties, clearing the debt, and stopping the respective real estate auctions.


If you are looking to free yourself from the burden of the ongoing or upcoming legal and financial proceedings, know that ItaliaEco Real Estate will assist you for free. Our goal is NOT to bill for consultations, but to solve your problem by zeroing out the debt. In a challenging time like the one you are likely facing, information and assistance from us can only be provided to you for free. Therefore, your attempt to break free from the debt nightmare with us is entirely free, and you don’t have to pay anything!


As a natural consequence, to these advantages will be automatically added the benefit of being cleansed even from credit bureaus such as centrali rischio and crif, which would otherwise leave a lasting mark, excluding you from any subsequent and future access to credit. ItaliaEco Real Estate puts an end to all of this and literally ‘gives you wings’—wings to start anew and take control of your life and that of your loved ones, free from the exacerbated conditions you were forced to endure.

ItaliaEco Real Estate is a qualified company dedicated to solving the debt problem and addresses all involved parties: creditors, debtors, and investors. It is estimated that 2.5 million properties with a registered guarantee through a mortgage or foreclosure will go to auction by 2023. ItaliaEco Real Estate positions itself at the center of this expanding market, shaping and restructuring what is, in all respects, a new profession in the real estate industry.

Avoid the public advertisement of your home auction with photos from the local court and the subsequent spread of the news on websites and posters scattered around the city.

Avoid the stress of the judicial custodian bringing strangers into your home who intend to buy the property at auction.

Avoid the forced and immediate eviction of the property and have the necessary time to move to a new home in total peace.

Avoid subjecting yourself and your children or family members to distress.

Avoid the seizure of the properties of those who have acted as guarantors.

Avoid losing more money to PAY and REPAY the difference between the proceeds from the auction sale and the amount owed to creditors.

Avoid paying the legal expenses of 30,000 euros.

Avoid having your salary or pension seized.

Continue to have positive banking credentials and a clean credit history to reinvest in your future.

Seek to recover as much as possible from the sale of the house and be able to start anew

Have a winning and convenient exit strategy.


ItaliaEco Real Estate aims to conduct business by regenerating and improving the lives of those who, for various reasons, have experienced financial difficulties with inevitable and unfortunate consequences, both material and emotional.

Material consequences arise from foreclosure actions that inevitably lead to the loss of one’s home, while emotional consequences include stress, anxiety, and tension within the family unit. This not only affects the relationship between partners but, more importantly, has an impact when children are present.


ItaliaEco Real Estate is addressed to those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having their home seized and/or up for auction due to problems, delays, and suspensions in mortgage payments or other debt situations with third parties.




Our team of real estate experts and lawyers specialized in resolving the intricate technical and bureaucratic processes hidden within a real estate execution procedure will seek the most suitable solution for your case!




Understand if you want to be helped.


The contact is to understand if we can be of concrete help to you.


We analyze your debt through a simple paper and video delegation.


We handle the bureaucratic and economic negotiation with creditors.


We assist you in the final phase of closing the procedure.

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